The Great Mission

The Gospel of Grace to 196 nations by 2030
We organise Evangelistic Campaigns

We are holing "Nights of Hope" in cities across Brazil. Thousands have come to hear the good news of God's grace, and many have been healed. We follow the example of the first evangelist Philip in Acts Chapter 8 who went to Samaria to preach Christ. The scriptures say that "there was great joy in that city."
In 2023 we will be mobilizing an international to help us on our "Tours of Hope". On these tours we hold "Nights of Hope" in town squares of multiple cities.
  • 19-28th May - State of Tocantins
  • 17th-30th July - State of Goiãs
Would you like to join us for a mission?
We hold
Activate Conferences
The purpose of these events is to awaken the prophetic calling in each beleiver, equip the with gisft of the Spirit and empower them to be highly fruitful. We are holding these conferences across Brazil and abroad.
We have an Online Academy
All those who are saved at our events receive a free booklet called "Welcome to the Family!"

They are then directed to become members of a local church and given free acces to our online Academy.

At Giles Academy many courses are offered including:
  • Anointed Teenagers
  • There is power in your testimony
  • Wonderful Worship Services
  • Ministry of miracles
We train Missionary Evangelists
We are reaching as many people as possible by all means possible with the best and most important message a person can hear.

To do this we have launched Project 196 with the intention of raising up an evangelist in every nation of the earth (196 nations) in the next 10 years.
We create
Evangelistic Tools
Using our "7 Good Things - Leader`s Manual" we movilized beleivers to share the gospel through seven dynamic presentations in schools, houses and businesses. Many of these groups become cell groups of local churches.

Working together to fill up heaven

You can transform the lives of unreached people in Brazil & beyond by sponsoring our missions and missionaries.
What New Believers, Pastors & Partners are Saying
  • William - Mato Grosso
    New Believer
    "I was full of resistance and arguments and only went to the event in secret to spy out what they were doing. But whilst there, I had a real encounter with Jesus. He literally crossed my path and turned my life around. From that moment I've felt free for eternity."
  • Paul Addison - London
    Monthly Partner
    "I support Giles and Silvie in the great work that they are doing in ministering to the poor and preaching the gospel around the world. Since becoming a financial partner, I have seen my own business grow from strength to strength."
  • James - São Paulo
    Leader of Church Plant
    "After doing the training we held a 7 Good Things Campaign using the material. As a result we took 171 new people to our Encounter with God camp."
  • Vanessa - Cuiaba
    Conference Participant
    "I've been a believer for 37 years and I have never seen manifestations of God so real and strong like I did yesterday with Pastor Giles. I'm still reeling from it, thinking how God uses his life to transfer His power to others. It was an atmosphere of healing and the life of God."
  • Matthew - Goianesia
    Evangelist's Immersion
    "After I went to the immersion, God has done great things: my network won 25 people at an encounter weekend. 15 others were baptized in the Holy Spirit in my cell group.
    I believe the anointing was transferred and this is just the beginning!"
  • Tim, UK
    Monthly Partner
    Tim so wanted to support TGM that he became an ambassador by faith! At the time he did not have much, but he committed to give and raise donations. He says: "That action of my heart turned the taps on. My biggest business contract to date came through shortly afterwards."