What is Project 196?
In 2021, with a desire to expand our outreach work, we decided to train and invest into the lives of the next generation of evangelists and missionaries.
These young people are replicating what we do in other nations in South America, Africa and Central Asia and now Europe and North America.
Our goal is to have a sponsored and trained missionaries in the whole world (196 countries) by the year 2030
Project 196
International Evangelists
Some of the names and faces have been removed to protect the identities of our missionaries who operate in persecuted countries
  • Kazakhstan - Arnur
    He accepted Jesus Christ in 1998. Was a missionary in Africa 2017 - 2019, Studied in a seminar in 2019 to 2022 in Brazil at the Vineyard Church. Now he is doing a mission in Kazakhstan.
  • Zambia - Collins
    "Last year was challenging, however we are doing more outreaches! Recently, 15 people have given their lives to Jesus."
  • Peru - Eloi
    "The Good News was ministered and proclaimed in the cities and different towns.
    49 people listened to the gospel were converted during the Day of the Death which is a traditional celebration in Peru."
  • Tanzania - Frank
    Frank is the Pastor of the Vine Church Tanzania. He will be doing TGM evangelistic campaigns with his church and training disciples to become evangelists.
  • Kazakhstan - Hamit
    He accepted Jesus Christ when he was 9 years old. Was a missionary in Africa 2017 - 2019, Studied in a seminar in 2019 to 2022 in Brazil at the Vineyard Church. Now he is planting churches in Kazakhstan.
  • Kenya - Hillary
    Hillary is a Pastor from the Vine Church with an evangelistic calling. He is representing TGM in Kenya and raising up evangelist in his church to do the same.
  • Kazakhstan - Nygmat
    He is a missionary evangelist who decided to follow Jesus Christ when he was 18 years old. Was a missionary in Africa 2017 - 2019, Studied in a seminar in 2019 to 2022 in Brazil at the Vineyard Church. Now he has returned to Kazakhstan to plant churches.
  • Turkey - Salomao
    Salomao and his wife Auriana are a young Brazilian couple how answered the call to start a church in Turkey. They are being trained by Giles in soul winning.
  • Uganda - Stephen
    "We've just put on a powerful Encounter with God Weekend!
    The results were:
    - 43 new converts
    - 23 people were baptized"
  • Colombia - Thomas
    Thomas left Colombia and now he is in Brazil walking with Giles Stevens while studying at the Bible School of Vine Church. Soon he is going back to his country to spread the Good News.
  • United States - Titus
    Titus is the son of Giles Stevens and he has been working for TGM for the last three years. He is in Oklahoma beggining an evangilisitic movement in the USA.
  • Bangladesh - G
    "Last year I preached the gospel and six people got baptized.
    Also, 30 people heard the gospel now they are coming into our cell group"
  • India - P
    "For the year 2021 a total of 66 people got saved which includes both Hyderabad and the region of AP state. Also, 21 pastors are training with us in our ministry."
  • India - R
    "In the end of last year we baptized five members and in march 10th four more people already were baptized."
  • Kazakhstan -D
    "Before coming to Christ I was in Islam. For almost four years I studied the Bible and compared it with the Koran. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I rejoice when I tell people about Christ. There is nothing more important than this in my life."
  • Nepal - P
    "Two families have accepted Jesus and we have begun church."
  • Pakistan - S
    "I had almost six mission trips and preached the gospel in different places and near 500 people heard the gospel through our ministry."
  • Tajiskistan - U
    "15 people come to home groups every week."
Nations with a TGM Missionary/Evangelist
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