Fuel to keep you running as you age

The Lord quickened my spirit recently with the following thought:

All that you do and learn here on earth you will carry through with you to the next age.

We can all get disappointed or downcast when things don’t work out the way we would like, when we are not honoured as we would wish, when we are betrayed by those close to us. But remember this:

What you have done in this life will count in the next life.

It is not that you can take things with you, but rather that what you have done will be rewarded with positions and rewards there. It’s rather like cashing in your chips after a game!

Whatever you have learned in this life, you will take with you to the coming Kingdom. Your wisdom is not just for now. It will be used then. The wiser you are, the more the Lord will entrust to you the things of His Kingdom.

That’s why you should keep on learning and putting into action what you have learned right up until the end.

Most people slacken off with age.

This is because they believe that their life’s work is over. Many even get depressed at this time. They think that life has passed them by and now they can no longer make a difference.

In reality, you can still make difference in this age and in the next.

Notice it was not how much Jesus did that counted but that He did everything that He saw the Father do. Do the same and be satisfied.

But also remember that your present-day activity puts credit in your heavenly bank account.

What you have learned here, you will be able to teach there. If you have become a mature leader here, you will be a great leader there.

The age we are in will come to an end at the return of Christ. Then a new age called the Millennium will begin when the Lord governs on earth for a thousand years. So…

The 3 dont's

  1. Don’t be deceived and think that you will be a different person there. Your body will be glorified but your spirit and mind will be the same. (So grow up now or you’ll have to then!)
  2. Don’t grow weary in doing good, for you shall reap, here and there.
  3. Don’t stop studying to show yourself approved to God, for the governors of the Kingdom are those who know His ways.

If you are tired or feeling dry, then simply ask the Lord to fill you again with the Spirit. You get refilled by speaking to one another in psalms, and hymns and spiritual songs.

When you are full of the Spirit you will be running on His strength, not yours, and you won’t tire or burn out.

The 3 do's

  1. Do keep your eyes fixed on the prize.
  2. Do fight off laziness and passivity.
  3. Do fill up with heavenly combustible, regularly!

Then you’ll keep running till the end of your time on earth. You’ll be like an aeroplane on the runway. You’ll be accelerating until take off!