Memorable moments in Ethiopia

MY SON DANIEL AND I have just finished a series of events in Ethiopia. Here are some of our memorable moments:

Despite being the dry season, rain fell when we arrived at Addis Ababa airport. The locals took this as a sign that the Lord was sending blessings. (To their shock there was a further downpour after my first sermon, and it rained again when we arrived in Hawassa for our second event.)

Looking out of the hotel windows from the 7th floor of the modern Haile hotel (built by the famed marathon runner Haile GabrSalassie) and seeing abject poverty and hovels worse than Brazilian favelas all around us.

In one meeting alone around 1000 believers were baptised in the Spirit at the same moment.

The Ethiopian “Amen!” We have never heard a nation group shout out “Amen” so often and do enthusiastically as here. (They do not just shout, they also stretch out their arms and then with their hands make a motion as if they were grasping and pulling something invisible towards themselves.)

Our host pastor declared that whilst he had seen many miracles, he had never experienced the glory of God in such a manner. (He also told us that he had not cried since his father died over 25 years ago but that, because of the presence of God, he was now weeping constantly.

Wearing traditional clothing (Daniel looked like a young prince!) and dancing an Ethiopian cultural dance on the crusade platform.

Arriving at the countryside city of Hawassa and seeing the mud huts by the lake and countless miles of dry, dusty, farmland where little can grow.

Daniel, aged 17, preached his first evangelistic sermon for the masses and multitudes were saved.

The crowd doubled from Saturday to Sunday in Hawassa. More than 5000 were packed into the hangar (and sadly many others were not able to enter).

Danny and I playing and singing on the piano in the hotel lobby: “You are great; You do miracles so great, there is no one else like You!”

A big thank you to our partners who helped us to make this mission happen.