Attracted to the messenger before the message

I’ll be honest, it was two nice-looking girls that led me to the Lord! At the time I could not understand that two such girls could be “religious freaks” as I called them.

Before you accuse me of being carnal, let me quickly add that it was obviously not just their looks that made me interested to hear what they had to say. There are plenty of “pretty people” out there who I would prefer to avoid.

More than their looks, I saw behind their eyes a peace and excitement that seemed to say that they knew mysteries and had been to glorious places that I did not know.

Then their words began to fascinate me! They casually mentioned things like: “God said this to me …” My jaw dropped open! “Stop!” I said. “What do you mean? How did God speak to you? What did He say?”

Within a few short weeks, I had become a “Jesus freak” as well. I had met Him for myself on a midnight beach walk. I had felt His touch for myself, like a father’s welcoming embrace to a wayward son. I had heard His voice, somewhere deep within me. It thrilled me!

With reflection I’ve learned this lesson: People are normally attracted to THE MESSENGER before they are attracted to THE MESSAGE!

Again, I’m not talking solely about physical appearance. It could be the tone of your voice, the way that you react to situations or the healing power that flows from your words or hands. It could be your generosity, your smile, or even your unworldliness.

Anyhow, I just wanted to encourage you with this thought today: No doubt we all want to share the message of God’s salvation through Christ Jesus. I’ve discovered that opportunities come more often for those who become attractive messengers.

People are watching you all the time, so keep shining!