7 Revelations about the Anointing

1. You need to understand the anointing.

I have a friend who is a horse whisperer. She takes wild horses that no one else can catch and without any force she trains the horse to follow her directives. With the slightest movements of her face or hands, the horse responds.

So too with the anointing. You need to learn how the Spirit moves. You can flow with Him through chords of love.

2. You need to have the anointing.

In the African bush, there are certain lakes where all the animals, big and small, come to drink the water.

If you are anointed, you will find all types of people will come and drink at your meetings. Don’t follow the crowd, rather produce living water and the crowd will come to you.

3. The anointing you admire will come towards you but the anointing you criticise will move away from you.

The Spirit is like a dove, He will fly away when He feels threatened. If you criticise other anointed men of God, you will never be anointed with the anointing that is upon them.

I am anointed with a healing anointing because I refuse to criticise various well-known healing evangelists.

4. You can become anointed through words that you consume.

When I first got saved, I feasted on the books of E.W. Kenyon. As I read them, my belly would get on fire! Something miraculous happened. I felt as if I was pregnant with anointed words.

I then began to give birth to these revelations and as I spoke people would become gripped by my words.

Ezekiel 2:2 - Then the Spirit entered me when He spoke to me.
Acts 10:44 - While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word.

5. Go to where you are drawn.

You are not drawn to certain pastors, even though they are men of God.

Go to those to whom you feel drawn. These are the ones that God wants to use to bring you something. I was drawn to men like Reinhard Bonnke and Watchman Nee. That’s why my gifting is as an evangelist and a teacher.

6. Listen to testimonies of how others caught the anointing.

Psalm 119:24 - Your testimonies are my counsellors

You will learn from other people’s testimonies. These will stir faith in your heart to receive.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood who was healed by touching Jesus’ clothes has led to multitudes of others being healed even to this day.

7. You will catch the spirit of a ministry.

In Numbers 11 God took the spirit on Moses and put it upon 70 elders. They began prophesying like Moses. They did as Moses did.

When a group of people catch the same anointing, it will produce a spiritual culture. The characteristics of the leader will be shared. If he is a church planter, the church will plant many churches. If he is evangelistic, the church will win many souls.