Immersion of Evangelists
Last week Pastor Giles held an immersion for evangelism in Goiania with the purpose of sharing with other people what God has taught him during his years of ministry. Many evangelists and leaders from different parts of Brazil attended the event that had as its main theme: Anointing, the mystery revealed.

One of the special guests was Pastor Anatole Sobogo who was used by God to minister faith, boldness and the power of God. Alongside Pr Giles and Pr Anatoles teaching there were various workshops given by the team on practical evangelism in different areas of life.

There was a lot of presence of God throughout the week! Attendees had the opportunity to have their ministry and God's anointing upon them increased. They saw many signs and wonders that increased the faith of all who witnessed.

It is very important to receive from God, but everything He gives us is to share with others. For that reason the evangelists organised 2 crusades to reach people who have not yet been saved and to be God's instrument to heal those who are looking for a miracle.
  • In those days we saw miracles of healing, miracles of salvation, we also saw the Lord act in the impossible. We present a theater that many rehearse over a month, but our rehearsals lasted only a few hours, most of them had never presented this one. The anointing of God was upon us, He moved to reach His people. Through us, unlikely He has manifested and has manifested. His grace is with us!
    Camila Reis
  • This immersion was the revival experience in my life, the presence of the holy spirit was so real that I will never be the same, I was awakened to realize how much jesus cares about lives and he wants to use me to be a channel for this desert dry that the world is, from the day I arrived in Goiânia I made a decision every time I left home I will talk about this Jesus, and since I arrived in Goiânia I am talking about him everywhere I go, approaching and telling of the kindness of Christ, of the gospel that transforms.
    Samilla Farias Ferreira da Silva
    Student at the Faculty of Pedagogy
  • This Immersion was supernatural!! So many powerful experiences with God that I can't explain what happened in that place, only experiencing it to find out.
    The Lord used men of God, filled with the Holy Spirit to minister in my life, I received so much anointing, new dreams, more revelation of my calling and an extraordinary fire that will not go out.
    I feel that the flame that was lit in each heart is already spreading throughout Brazil and other nations, I believe in the revival that several cities will prove.
    My heart is overflowing for lives and nations! May this anointing be poured out wherever we go. My life is not the same anymore, I'm burning and being bold like never before. Send fire!!
    Thaynara Reis
    Vine Church Goiania
  • I never get into evangelism much, but during the immersion my heart was activated to beget spiritual children. The Lord set my heart on fire with His love for lost souls. Furthermore, He has confirmed and testified to dreams, purposes, and directions that He has already given me. Today I realize that the immersion was just the beginning of a new time that He has in my life. I know the Lord will reach out and heal other lives through me. I was deeply marked by the Holy Spirit in those days, and I know I will never be the same again.
    Sarah Sticca
  • I went to Pastor Giles' immersion in search of a spiritual renewal and came out completely on fire and transformed!
    Something was putting inside my heart, I was activated in a supernatural way! There were doubts and a lot of unbelief inside me, but by the grace of God, today I can say that I am anointed, I have no more doubt that I was chosen! I reached a spiritual level that I never imagined I could touch. I was filled with the Holy Spirit, endowed with grace and bold, my eyes were opened! I received the gift of healings and I was convinced of my calling!
    I can't describe everything, if I were you, I wouldn't miss the next one. The love of God is something that is experienced, HE is a personal God and wants to mark our lives!
    Luna Caroline Henrique
August 03/ 2022